Our Story

Hi, I'm Angela Redmon CEO of AnnaBae Bakery. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my story. I’ve spent years in a thriving sales career building a legacy through various business channels, but still I felt that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I enjoy spending time with family and friends cooking, baking, coming together to share our stories and experiences. Baking has always been a major part of my life. My mother has been baking since 1963 using recipes that were passed down to her from her great-grandmother. As a child I would have my mother’s homemade cake for all occasions including birthdays and holidays. My favorite cake was her famous red velvet cake. Being left with an overwhelming need to try my hand at something that is both challenging and fulfilling, I decided to breathe life into my ultimate passion project with the creation of an online bakery named after my mother AnnaBae. I resolved to partner with my mom to bring her wonderful recipes to the forefront and to seize an opportunity to share with others our family tradition that has brought us so much joy and warm feelings. With the launch of AnnaBae bakery I have single-handedly created the grand opportunity to partner not only with my mother but also with my very supportive husband and my three beautiful children. Now I can finally say that I am truly living out my dreams.

Angela Redmon


Angela Redmon CEO AnnaBae Bakery Family.